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Comparing Study Guides for Writing Informative Blogs

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How do you write blogs in such a way that readers are motivated to buy the right book for themselves? With all the book reviews, blog posts, and general articles out there on the web, it is likely that customers are inundated with a lot of information. What makes your article more interesting than the next one, and a lot more informative? By making your article a lot more informative, detailed, and fact based, you are already going to be presenting higher quality content than the next writer or blogger. 

A lot of people looking in to buy the right study guide for themselves during a stressful period of studying, just want to see the most relevant information in a short, informative article that they can skim and decide quickly the best study guide for them. A simple trick to create more sales and to get more traffic and readers on your articles is to compare books or study guides. I’m going to use the foreign service officer study guide (FSOT) as an example to illustrate this for you. 

About the FSOT Test:

The Foreign service officer exam is required to get a foreign service officer post. The State requires that you do this test in order to show that you are knowledgeable about the job, about the US government, math, geography, world history, management techniques, technology, and pop culture. This allows them to be able to screen persons that do not have enough factual knowledge to do the job right.

Getting the Right FSOT Study Guide for Optimal Test Preparation:

There are many FSOT study guides out there and it can be difficult to choose the right one that will help you absorb as much information as possible in a short period of time. The two most popular FSOT study guides that I will review include the ADAR Review FSOT Study Guide, 2nd Edition. This guide will cost you $23.94. This is a reasonable price for the value of this guide. This review has some great study questions within it.

It gives great recommendations regarding where to start for your studies, and it gives you a visual on how the test is laid out. This study guide is a great starting point, but it does not tend to go as in depth. The other study guide I would recommend is the FSOT Secrets Study Guide. This guide is a bit more expensive, costing between $32.99-42.99. This study guide also provides a nice layout and structure of the test, but it goes much more in depth with original information, not found on the internet. This study guide will give you a more in depth and closer look at what might actually be in the exam. 

In Summary:

As I demonstrated in the example above, by comparing two books instead of reviewing just one at a time, you can inform the reader on what they might need the most, or you may even just be able to convince the reader into buying both of the books.