What Do You Know About Bail Bonds?

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Have you ever heard of someone who can pledge for your own freedom to be out-of-jail? Did you hear that you can attend your hearing sessions, while you are at the comfort of your own home with your family and friends instead of being in a jail house? If yes, you should consider the efforts and hard work Bondsmen agents put into vowing for your freedom as you wait for your next court hearing. Whether you appreciate Bail Bonds agencies or not, it is really a good way of staying out of jail house where the risk of being harmed is self-evident.

Both Bail Bonds business agencies and Bondsmen are putting their lives, property, money, and safety down the line to save you and protect you from harm. By taking a title to one of your possessions, they can fully ensure that you keep yourself out of trouble and attend your due sessions in court. Although some of you may think that Bail Bonds Business does not respect the terms of privacy nor attend to their clients’ needs, the clients win a ticket to continue their lives and join their loved ones instead of spending another scary night in jail.

To be honest, most people forget that Bail Bonds agencies are not legally obliged to vow for someone who is seen as an outlaw and a criminal, in fact, they help other people to withdraw their stigma against them. To illustrate, criminals can be brought back into their ordinary life with their kids, wives, and friends, so other people feel secure and safe around them since Bail Bonds are always there watching. In short, showing that Bail Bonds Business are worthwhile and valued is in itself an appreciation of human life and human kindness.

In the same vein, you can watch video tutorials and footings of Business Bail Bonds agents working every day and night to pledge for people with criminal records and backgrounds. Have you ever heard of “Patty Mayo”? If yes, you will see with your own eyes that their Bail Bonds adventures are extremely exciting and dangerous at the same time. Patty Mayo, a representative of a Business company in Bail Bonds, is always attentive to his clients’ needs and wishes especially criminals who are middle-aged and married.

Though it is learning tutorials filmed for a TV Show, you can easily get a sense of what it demands to be a Bondsman, surrounded by many dangerous situations and sometimes other violent people. For instance, some bondsmen, from a well-known Business Bail Bonds company, get shouted at and are subject to language insults and death threats, or even real death. In Patty Mayo’s videos, a great affection and encouragement of Bail Bonds Business are expressed by clients and their relatives at the end of each episode because they know deep inside that they escaped hell, referring to public and rough jail prisons. After all, we cannot judge a book by its cover, and the same thing is true for Bail Bonds Business companies and Bondsmen as well.

Furthermore, many people, oftentimes innocent, commit acts of theft, violence, or over-drinking. Out of their own free-well and human weakness, they end up thrown in empty jail rooms around serious killers, rapists, and criminals, while they wait for their sentence hearings or judgements. What have they done to deserve staying inside a small cell just because they did something bad by accident?

Practically speaking, Business Bonds are the bridge between criminals’ freedom and death, they always look for better arrangements to ensure clients’ satisfaction and personal comfort. Once you pledge money, property, or land, every client gets his fair-share of spending most of his/her time at home or with friends until his/her scheduled session comes in. For these reasons, innocent people are protected from harmful places and situations by successful Bond Bails companies in the Business industry via 24 hour bail bonds.

All in all, people’ lives and freedom are very valuable and should be cherished and protected in times of desperate needs. In case of committing an illegal criminal act and you wish to spend some quality time with your family, not in jail or prison, consider asking for a Bond Bails agency to make sure you attend your due hearing sessions in court.

Business companies that specialize in Bond bails are becoming more global and beneficial for our communities and societies. With the trust and hard work of Bondsmen, people with criminal backgrounds can attend their court judgement and return home, instead of a jail prison.

Understanding Bail Bonds

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You have probably been listening to the radio or watching the news on TV and you heard that a certain person has been released on a $100.000 bond. Well, if you are not familiar with bail the concept might sound a bit odd for you, but do not worry we got your back!

What is a bail?

Put simply, a bail is a certain amount of money set by a judge that the criminal or defendant will have to pay in order to get released from pre-trial detention. And if the suspect manages to comply with the required trial appearances, he gets refunded. Now, what is tricky about bails is that in most cases they are not easy to afford by people in detention. In this case, in some areas in the USA and the Philippines, the jurisdiction gives defendants other options that they can opt for. Such as to seek the services of a Bail bondman. So, what does this bail bondsman actually do?

A bail bondsman also referred to as a bail bond company or agent, provides written commitments to the criminal justice system to pay bail in entirety if the suspects whose appearances they promise do not appear on their trial dates. To further explain, in most cases, the suspect or someone he knows closely would go to a bail bond lawyer to secure a bail bond. They will pay the agent a percentage of the total bail in cash and provide collateral (house, vehicle, etc.) for the remainder.

The agent will have a bond that will allow the defendant to leave prison while the trial is pending. If the defendant is present at all the trial days, he or she must pay just the cash charged to the bond agent. If he does not, the bond agent will seize the promised collateral. Also, it is worth mentioning that the services of a bail bondsman could be presented in various forms such as bail bond agent or bond dealer or in form of an agency or a corporation.

The aim of this article is to inform you about the bail bond system and to give you a clear bird’s eye view by checking both sides of the coin. Let us delve a bit deeper and check the pros and cons of Bail bonds.

Pros of Bail bonds

Bail bond agents are structured and straight to the point.

The bail bond lawyer guarantees that the prisoner reports to the court and takes part in all legal proceedings. If you do not know anything about the law and skip a court hearing, you are likely to get in trouble and even get arrested. However, before the deadline, the bond agent will train you for everything.

You get to pay money in installments.

This probably one of the biggest advantages of bail bonds, because you do not have to pay the 10% amount in one single deposit. You can pay that amount in installments for a while. Most bail bonds agencies sell flexible and easy to afford low monthly payment paid plans.

Bail bond agents know the procedures.

When it comes to law and order you must be diligent, and that is why bail bonds are efficient in this case. Bail agents are well educated about the legal procedures and they are capable to usher you throughout the entirety of the verdict process. In addition, they can guide you about how to behave and present yourself during the trial.

Now that we have looked at some of the pros, let us go ahead and look at the other side of the coin.

Cons of Bail bonds

Bail bonds agents might get you in trouble.

Yeah, you heard it right, even though they are helpful throughout the entire process, some bail bonds could get you in trouble. During the day of the trial, some defendants might get additional trouble just because their bail agent did not speak properly or was misbehaved in front of the judge, which may cause the latter to take some serious measures. Trust me you do not want that; you are already in trouble.

You will not get your money back.

Remember the 10% that you must pay the bail bondsman? well, you will not get those back, since your bail bond agent is delivering services and putting himself at risk. You are basically paying a firm for professional legal assistance.

Factors to consider when hiring the best plumbing contractors for task

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The plumbing system of your home compromises of complex system of fixtures and pipes for making sure that it will help you to get clean water while ensuring safe waste disposal. But with long time use, these systems might get damaged and it may not be able to work optimally for a long period of time causing a lot of inconvenience for the homeowners.

Therefore, if you want to get any kind of repairs, maintenance, installation and replace you need to hire experienced and skilled plumbing contractors for getting high quality services. This is the best way of getting proper workmanship from these professionals so that you will get assistance for your plumbing crisis. You should never ignore the small issues with your system like leaking faucet or burst pipe because it will eventually become major issues if you ignore the problem.

This is the reason why you should hire professional and knowledgeable plumber for making sure that the safety of your family and home will not be compromised. Therefore when the problem is minor or major, you should always getting it addressed at the earliest because plumbing issues can throw your normal life out if the gear. Thus, you should hire plumbers after doing proper research so that you will make the right selection for the overall benefits of your home.

Ways to hire the best plumbing professionals

Look for online reviews- the best way of finding the most reliable and skilled plumber is by scouring the internet so that you will get the names of the best plumbers. You will get the plumbers who are offering services in your area so that you can be rest assured that you will get to read the reviews and feedback of the plumbers before you hire the best one. You can also look for references from your family and friends before finalizing the best plumber you should hire for your requirements.

Hire licensed plumber- if you state requires licensing, it is important that you hire a plumber who is licensed for performing all kind of tasks efficiently. You should look at the license of the plumber for making sure that you will hire someone with many years of experience and expertise. Verifying and checking the license of the plumbers is extremely important and you should not trust someone who claims to be licensed until you verify it yourself.

Look for experienced plumbers (herbertplumbing.com)- if you want to achieve high quality work, you should make sure that the plumber is professionally trained for completing the task within a short span of time. An experienced professional will be able to identify the plumbing issues quickly so that it will be repaired within a short span of time so that you will not face any kind of inconvenience.

Check for insurance- when hiring a plumber, you need to make sure that he has commercial liability insurance as it is designed for covering the claim related to bodily injury and property damage. Hence, when there are any kinds of damages to your property or threat to human life, the plumber will compensate you with the help of the insurance.

Hire bonded plumbers- the bond of the plumber means that if he performs inferior quality of work, he will be forced to cover the repairing cost of the plumbing job. Moreover any kind of damages caused due to the illegal practices of the plumber will be covered by the bond so that you will not have to worry about any issues. Therefore, look for someone who offers warranty the plumbing service that they offer for ensuring that all your work will be completed according to high quality standard.

Plumbing costs- the price of hiring the plumber should also be taken into consideration and hence you should ask for the price quotes from the plumber so that you can determine whether you want to hire them for your work or not. But you should not only consider the price as the only factor when hiring the plumber and you should also take into account the quality of their work before hiring anyone for the task. You should also make sure that the charges of the plumber are fair as well as competitive so that you can hire the best professional for the plumbing issues.

Celebrities who were Plumbers

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well known plumber

There are some famous celebrities who were actually plumbers at one point. One of them is actor Michael Caine who is most known for his role as Alfred the butler in the Dark Knight series. Up to now, they still cast Michael Caine. Why not? He has been nominated for a bunch of roles he has played. He has taken acting to the next level and there may not be another one like him. His voice is definitely a good one as he also cast in a bunch of cartoon movies. His filmography speaks for itself as he has appeared in more than a hundred films.

He is such a versatile actor so he can do comedy and drama. Of course, that does not mean you must aspire to become a plumber so you can become a famous actor one day. It would still be better to take acting classes as that would give you a better chance of getting accepted for the role you want. Like they say, it would be better to start with a low-paying job than to start with none at all. Another celebrity who started out as a plumbing assistant is Ozzy Osbourne.

Now, he has a hit TV reality series with his family. Who would have ever thought he would start in the plumbing industry? He quit school back in the day and worked a bunch of jobs. Ozzy is known for producing a bunch of classic songs in the rock and roll industry. He used to make a lot of songs that became an instant hit. He also became a fashion icon as a lot of people would imitate what he would wear.

His reality series became such a hit that it would end up getting renewed for a lot of seasons. Even if he is old, he still appears in a bunch of TV shows. He has yet to take a dig at movie acting though as he says it is not really for him. He will definitely not tell you that he was a plumbing assistant back in the day. That does not mean he forgets it though. There seems to be no use to talk about it since right now he is rich and famous so it won’t make sense to talk about the past.

Right now, you will not see a plumber that is a future celebrity in plumbing companies. Of course, you never know because stranger things have happened in life. You never know if you are staring at the next big actor who is fixing your clogged drain right now. There are times when being a plumber is passion. Even if you fix plumbing problems for a living, you still can’t wait to get up every morning to do it.

There is a bit of a challenge in that work as you have a lot of other workers vying to get call plumbers too. Thus, it takes a bit of skill to come as the better plumber. Another celebrity who was a plumber (here is an example of the real thing at loodgieterdenhaag070.nl) in the past is none other than Bob Hoskins. How ironic is it that he also played a plumber in the hit movie Super Marios Bros. The movie is based on the video game of the same name.

There is no doubt there is a lot of fighting scenes in it. Of course, that is not the only movie that Bob Hoskins starred in as he has had a lot of starring roles throughout his career. Last but not the least, another celebrity who was a plumber before becoming famous in Hollywood is Joe Cocker. With a stage name like that, it would be hard to not notice the talent this guy has. Of course, he would end up releasing hit singles that paved the way for future musicians too.

In fact, one of his songs appeared on the original soundtrack for a hit TV series. You know you have a lot of talent in you when you can make that happen. Thus, it motivated him to make more music which is always a good thing when you are that good. His family ended up following on his footsteps and it resulted in a lot of good things.

Benefits of Consumer Law Attorneys

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legal library

Today is the time where a customer is given utmost importance. It is only because of a buyer that a product survives in the market. If the shopper is not interested in the product, he will not take it. Now, consumers are aware enough of the fraudulent products and services provided by various suppliers. Earlier, to have a good deal for money the suppliers used to cheat the patrons by presenting low- quality products. But now, if you are among the people who are the sufferers, then you can anytime take legal action in opposition to such fraudulent corporations. Countless consumers suffer from such problems. Nowadays, you can also seek legal assistance even for your vehicle that is not functioning similarly as told by the seller.

An individual can also sign up a lawyer to get the claim from the law firm if he got injured due to any of their products or services. One doesn’t have to feel helpless as the consumer law attorney can help you out in the best possible ways. After hiring an expert to act on your behalf, you can effectively fight back against the company. Consumer lawyer can skillfully work in your favor in accordance with your rights.

Before you proceed to file a lawsuit for consumer protection, it is essential for you to know a few things. For instance, it is mandatory to understand how the consumer law attorneys go about their work. Many people believe that the hiring process of a fair debt collection attorney is not at all going to be a pocket-friendly affair. And it would prove almost impossible for them because if they had the money, they would have paid for their debt. But this assumption is not at all true. You should know that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been constructed for protecting the consumer’s interest. Therefore, it makes all effort to give the consumers an equal footing with the agencies appointed for collecting a debt. So, when an agency does something that crosses the limit of legal behavior, it becomes responsible for the fees of the fair debt collection attorney.

There are several benefits of hiring consumer law attorneys. For instance, when you hire attorneys, a debt collecting agency will no longer be able to get in touch with you directly. After that, the agency must contact you through your fair debt collection attorney. Naturally, the letters and repeated reminder calls will stop from there on. And if they continue with their harassment, they would be violating the principals of FDCPA.

A fair debt collection attorney has the right to file a lawsuit against the collection agency in a federal court. So, if they feel necessary, they can anytime proceed with their claim. According to the FDCPA, illegal practices of the debt collection agency can get the victim a good amount of compensation. However, no matter what your stand is with the debt collection agency, it is crucial for you to find experienced consumer law attorneys. It is incredibly vital, as only knowledgeable attorneys can tilt the case in your favor. But filing a lawsuit in case of a lone consumer may not prove to be a profitable affair in the long run. So, as a consumer, you must consider these small things.

Now you may be wondering how to find a reasonable, fair debt collection attorney? The best option would be to reach out for your contacts, to get useful references. Moreover, it is always good to get an attorney, who has experience of working with a person you already know like the folks at Hutchison and Stoy. It will help you to get the right feedback about the lawyer. But in case you fail to understand a professional attorney in this manner, you can fall back on the search engines for all the necessary information. The internet is an excellent source for finding reliable consumer law attorneys.

The selection part of attorneys is essential. Don’t get tempted by advertisements offering you a remarkable solution, or an ad giving you a promise for a quick way out from your problem. Remember, a wrong lawyer selection may put you into further trouble. So, be extremely careful at the time of selecting consumer law attorneys.

Financial Management Tips for Small Businesses

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It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is because the work is never finished. Whether you’re a law firm, an accountant or a Realtor. You always have something to do, a document to sign, an activity to supervise or simply you have to deal with all the administrative tasks that can appear.

One of the most difficult tasks of a business owner is to keep control of the financial side of the firm. One can have the needed experience to run a particular activity for a succeaccountingssful business, but this doesn’t always cover the experience required with the accounts and money.

The team at Controlligence Accounting is going to present you some additional tips that you can use in your business, especially if all seems to be in a fog.

The Budget

At the end of the fiscal year, you need to plan the budget for the year that comes. Don’t postpone it and don’t avoid it, because is essential for the activity of your firm. A proper planning of the budget will tell you exactly what you have to improve and what you have to cut, as it can indicate the income levels and the expenditures that you want to make.

Not everyone likes to lose some days and plan for the next year, but it will give you a real advantage in the future. The trick with preparing the budget is that you will know ahead of time what financial goals you have, and you will work for reaching your targets.

The Business Money

Even if you have income from your activity, don’t consider that the business is your personal bank. It’s better to wait a few years before you start investing in a new car or new components for your computer. A common mistake in young businesses is to spend more money than they produce or to overspend beyond the numbers set in the budget. If this happens, some people go to the banks or financial institutions for credits or business loans. According to our California personal injury lawyer, while they might help you out in the beginning, you might become the victim of a debt spiral, and you won’t be able to pay the credits.

Keep Everything Stored

No matter if it’s the invoice, the bank statement, the credit notes or any other financial document, you should know where all of them are. You can’t lose or have incomplete records because these can create major problems for your organization. If you want to have everything perfect, it’s better to choose digital solutions for keeping your files.

The Accounts

Even if it’s tempting to keep all the money in a single account, business advisors from ECS say that it’s better to keep separate accounts for your business and your personal use. The business account will let you manage and keep track of all transactions, and it will also avoid the confusion and the mess that can appear out of the mixture of these two accounts.

The Costs

If you want to keep the costs of your business under control, it’s better to hire fewer people or to outsource the activity, wherever it’s possible. The cost of an employee after you consider the payments made with salary and taxes, not to mention the furniture and other items can increase the indirect cost. It’s better to save money wherever you can, and outsourcing is one of the solutions.

Bankruptcy Law: The Ins And Outs

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bankcuptcy courtEveryone has heard of bankruptcy and, of course, everyone fears that they might get there if they’re not careful in their business. The truth is that the bankruptcy is actually a process that can help businesses or people pay the debts that they have under the protection of bankruptcy court. This process could also help them wipe their debts completely, and when you file any of these types of bankruptcy the creditors can no longer take any action against you to collect the debt from you if they don’t have the court approval.

If you plan to claim bankruptcy, it can remove or lower the debts that you owe, but keep in mind that this should be your last resort to use, because even if it does eliminate or reduce the debts, it has some consequences that you should always pay attention to.

The Types of Bankruptcy

The BK Lawyers and anyone else you might ask will tell you exactly the same thing – there are two types of bankruptcy that you can claim: reorganization or liquidation. If you choose liquidation, all the assets that you have will be sold to pay the debts that you owe your creditors. Once the sale takes place, and the creditors receive their money, they are not allowed to request anything else from you. However, the bankruptcy will remain in the history of your credit for several years, and nobody else will lend you money again.

If you choose reorganization, you will have to file a repayment proposal with the court. According to the south carolina injury attorney, the proposal will result in paying what you owe in different degrees – some debts you will pay in full, others you will pay partially while others won’t be paid at all. You will be able to use these plans for payment between three and five years.

Keep In Mind

There are some things that you have to pay attention to when dealing with this. Some debts cannot be forgiven through the process of bankruptcy. You won’t be able to skip over some debts. These are the debts that you have forgotten to put on the bankruptcy papers, the child support or the alimony, the debts that have incurred through injury or death that resulted from drunk driving, different types of student loans, the fines that were imposed for breaking the laws or any other tax debts that incurred.

It doesn’t matter if you have a bankrupt business for plumbing plus or personal bankruptcy problems because you should treat all with the same care. If you have claimed bankruptcy, the courts will garnish your wages and your creditors will receive the due payment, or at least what’s possible.

However, if you stick to the plans that the court has proposed you and you pay your debts in time, without delaying from month to month, when you’ve paid everything, you may have the surprise to find out that the creditors will still give you credit.

Even so, while you are still paying for this, there won’t be possible to get a new credit, because the bankruptcy will remain on your credit history for a long time.

Australian-Founded Bitcoin Exchange Set To Crumble?

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The collapse of MtGox was a wake-up call, revealing to cryptocurrency users the dangers that exchanges pose to the system, not only facing assault from hackers on a regular basis but routinely failing to stand up to these attacks. A lack of around-the-clock digital security and no implementation of the AS9100 Registration body causes loopholes in the MtGox system.

While the news coming out an Australian-founded Exchange, isn’t surprising, the idea that it might actually be on the verge of collapse has none the less sent shock waves reverberating throughout the industry. This may be tied to alleged involvements in scams and fraud. However, another, more stable and reliable Australian Exchange says not to worry.

Created by Rick Day, a New York-based entrepreneur, the fortunes of Igot are expected to have a lasting impact on the Bitcoin arena, with many in the digital currency industry now calling for the relevant authorities to create new regulations that can better manage Bitcoin transactions.

The Igot Scandal

The reports that Igot might be on the verge of collapse have become difficult to refute, with the voices of the many customers who are claiming that they are owed money in the hundreds of thousands of dollars painting a stark picture of Igot’s situation.

Rick Day has made an effort to deny claims that Igot is insolvent. Day, while speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said that he was aware of the plight of his customers, assuring them that exchange had not lost their money.

However, the rumors surrounding Igot paint a grim picture. Jesse Chenard, a former adviser of Rick Day and currently the CEO of a blockchain solutions provider for financial institutions claims that Igot has been undertaking shady deals since 2014. Supposedly Igot has been claiming to make purchases of currencies like Australian Dollars and Indian Rupees on behalf of its customers without actually making them.

According to Jesse, Rick was able to get away many of his fraudulent claims, especially regard his assets because of the murky nature of Bitcoin Exchanges. Sufficing to say, customers are not happy with any of the things they are hearing from Igot, and neither are they assured by Day’s claims.

The Question of Regulation

It is because of the confusion surrounding Igot’s current financial situation that people have begun calling for greater regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (an organization that regulates financial products and services under the Corporations Act), while it has been hearing about these claims regarding Igot for some time now, the organization has been largely powerless to act because Bitcoin isn’t classified as a financial product or service.

None the less, the organization is in the position to investigate Igot now, the Corporations Act granting them powers to scrutinize companies that go into liquidation while facing claims of wrongdoing and breaches of the law.

People, both inside and outside the Bitcoin industry, do not think the Igot situation should have been allowed to escalate so drastically. According to David Temple, the co-founder of a Bitcoin firm in Melbourne, it would be in Australia’s best interests to create regulations to govern the cryptocurrency industry if only to allow the country to fall in line with other nations like the United States that are also working to regulate Bitcoin.

Temple agrees that crafting such regulations is bound to prove difficult. Indeed, even those voices in the Bitcoin industry calling for greater regulations have no idea what shape they would actually take.

They all agree, none the less, that the Igot case highlights a need for formal regulatory oversight in the cryptocurrency industry. Because of the lack of regulation, consumers are essentially left to fend for themselves every time they venture into the digital currency field, expected to do their own research to ensure that the companies they are working with a legitimate.

The fact that individuals who buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin do not need financial licenses of any sort is disturbing enough. A senate inquiry’s recommendation for governments to revise the definition of digital currencies suggests that the relevant parties are waking up to the problems that an unregulated financial industry of this kind presents.

Of course, calls for greater regulation are not without opposition. The Australian Digital Currency and Commerce Association, in particular, has been rather vocal about its opposite to the idea of regulation, instead highlighting a code of conduct it is preparing to release and which it believes will improve consumer protections.

There is no immediate end to this debate anywhere in sight. With so many people choosing to rethink their understanding of digital currencies, it is difficult to figure out what shape Bitcoin and other digital currencies will take in the future.


Comparing Study Guides for Writing Informative Blogs

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How do you write blogs in such a way that readers are motivated to buy the right book for themselves? With all the book reviews, blog posts, and general articles out there on the web, it is likely that customers are inundated with a lot of information. What makes your article more interesting than the next one, and a lot more informative? By making your article a lot more informative, detailed, and fact based, you are already going to be presenting higher quality content than the next writer or blogger. 

A lot of people looking in to buy the right study guide for themselves during a stressful period of studying, just want to see the most relevant information in a short, informative article that they can skim and decide quickly the best study guide for them. A simple trick to create more sales and to get more traffic and readers on your articles is to compare books or study guides. I’m going to use the foreign service officer study guide (FSOT) as an example to illustrate this for you. 

About the FSOT Test:

The Foreign service officer exam is required to get a foreign service officer post. The State requires that you do this test in order to show that you are knowledgeable about the job, about the US government, math, geography, world history, management techniques, technology, and pop culture. This allows them to be able to screen persons that do not have enough factual knowledge to do the job right.

Getting the Right FSOT Study Guide for Optimal Test Preparation:

There are many FSOT study guides out there and it can be difficult to choose the right one that will help you absorb as much information as possible in a short period of time. The two most popular FSOT study guides that I will review include the ADAR Review FSOT Study Guide, 2nd Edition. This guide will cost you $23.94. This is a reasonable price for the value of this guide. This review has some great study questions within it.

It gives great recommendations regarding where to start for your studies, and it gives you a visual on how the test is laid out. This study guide is a great starting point, but it does not tend to go as in depth. The other study guide I would recommend is the FSOT Secrets Study Guide. This guide is a bit more expensive, costing between $32.99-42.99. This study guide also provides a nice layout and structure of the test, but it goes much more in depth with original information, not found on the internet. This study guide will give you a more in depth and closer look at what might actually be in the exam. 

In Summary:

As I demonstrated in the example above, by comparing two books instead of reviewing just one at a time, you can inform the reader on what they might need the most, or you may even just be able to convince the reader into buying both of the books. 

The Nature of Economic Law

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Nowadays the issues of economy having a global impact are being addressed by a growing body of international law which includes major legal and institutional developments in the areas of business regulation, economic integration and development, foreign direct investment, intellectual property, sanctions, taxation, trade, and other issues related to the export and import of capital, goods and services across nations.

What is Economic Law?

While the generalization of law is stated as the “establishment of a general truth on the basis of particular observations or experiments which traces out a causal relationship between two or more phenomena”, economic laws on the other hand are statements concerning the relationships between two or more economic phenomena of general tendencies or uniformities relating to human behavior with the primary motive and concern leaning towards monetary value.

Nature of Economic Law.

Like any other law in the principle of scientific or natural or physical laws, economic law suggest a fundamental relationship between two or more phenomena. Much like in natural sciences, a particular cause in economics is followed by a specific effect or result. For example, the law of gravitation states that things coming from above must fall to the ground at a specific rate, except when there are other factors or tendencies like a storm, the gravitational force will be reduced and the law will not work properly. Economic laws are similarly statements of tendencies like when a fall in price leads to an extension in demand and vice versa. The similarity of economic law to scientific laws makes it universally valid.

However, because economic law do not work with the same amount of certainty the way scientific laws do, it is not precise and positive compared to the laws of natural sciences despite their similarities. While for instance, with the law of gravitation where any object coming from above must fall to the ground, when it comes to economic, demand will not increase even when there is a fall in prices when the consumers lacks purchasing power due to depression or war.

Therefore, it is said that “there are no economic tendencies which act as steadily and can be measured as exactly as gravitation can, and consequently, there are no laws of economics which can be compared for precision with the law of gravitation.”

When it comes to natural sciences, a controlled experimentation can be done and scientific laws can be tested by altering natural conditions like the temperature or pressure through experiments. In economics however, controlled experiments cannot be done because there is no economic situation which can be repeated as precisely as it was at another time. And to adding to the complication is the unpredictable way man will act in different situations in accordance with his tastes, habits, idiosyncrasies, etc.  Economic laws are also less certain due to the fact that value of money does not always remain constant and changes from time to time.

Like any other law, economic law has all the complexities a regular person will be hard-pressed to fathom that is why the advice and services of the experts should be solicited. Legal offices like MW Legal can help you with your concerns pertaining to this nature.